Project Description enables developers to create integrated, multi-project, enterprise solutions for the .Net 4.0 environment. It is comprised of classes written in C# along with T4 templates for code generation. Also includes a simple sample application suite (that does nothing at all except demonstrate how various classes are used)! I’ve tried to come up with a place for everything so that developers can keep everything in place. All of the component wiring is done by the framework classes and developers can focus on the business logic and data needs.

Project Objective
· Write less code
· Write consistent code
· Write applications quicker
· Build quality in from the start
· Build maintainable code

IMPORTANT *** This solution should be used for educational purposes only. It is a highly-redacted collection of my ideas that have been put together (in the same place) by me for the first time. Over time more real stuff (width and breadth) will be added to make it useful for real production-ready solutions.

Model your requirements (system, applications, business, data, ui )


Generate framework components


Build out your enterprise solution according to plan


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